MegaSporeBiotic Dosing Instructions

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As a reminder, we recommend starting out slowly when taking MegaSporeBiotic to avoid any symptoms associated with detoxification. Although these symptoms are rare, we advise starting all of your patients slowly. Most common symptoms are loose stools and intestinal cramping.

It’s best to take MegaSporeBiotic with food or immediately following a meal. Taking MegaSporeBiotic without a meal should not cause an upset stomach, but providing the spores with nutrients as soon as they re-sporulate in the large intestine will significantly enhance their efficacy.

Recommend Titration Schedule:

  • Week 1: Take 1 capsule every other day
  • Week 2: Take 1 capsule every day
  • Week 3: Take 2 capsules every day

Thereafter: Continue at the standard dosage of 2 capsules/day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider. Patients who are comfortable at 2 capsules/day can always increase their dose to help fight acute infections during periods of immune and gastrointestinal stress.

For acute treatment, patients may take up 3-4 capsules/day for 3-5 days.

Sensitive adults who may have greater levels of dysbiosis will want to start out slowly with ¼ or ½ capsule every other day. Gradually increase the amount until the patient is able to tolerate 2 capsules per day.

Infants should start out taking ¼ or ½ capsule every other day. Slowly increase the dose to 1 capsule per day with food. Content of the capsule may be combined with a small amount of food or drink, such as apple sauce or water, for a more individualized dose. Refrigeration is NEVER necessary with MegaSporeBiotic.

Children over the age of 10 should follow the adult titration schedule listed above.

If symptoms become uncomfortable as dosing increases, some supplementation until symptoms subside and then repeat titration schedule at a slower pace. Individual results may vary.

MegaSporeBiotic is not a drug and therefore not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”.

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  1. Renne Cardenas
    1. Jean Herbert
    2. Renne Cardenas

      The 3 products at the same time. I mean in the same 4 weeks or MegaSporeBiotic for 4 weeks and the once I finished MegaPreBiotic for 4 weeks then MegaMucosa for 4 weeks.

      Thank you

    3. Jean Herbert

      One before the other. They can be taken together, but it’s better to separate them in case you don’t tolerate one well. It makes it easier to determine the culprit.

  2. Is it common to get swollen lymph nodes while taking Megasporebiotic? This happened to me the first time I tried Megasporebiotic and eventually stopped taking it. I restarted this summer and I have made it up to the 2/day dose for the past 3 weeks but my swollen lymph nodes have returned. I do not have any of the common die off symptoms like gas & bloating.

    1. Jean Herbert

      I wouldn’t say super common, but that’s generally a sign that you’re fighting an infection, so it would make sense.
      You should add on the Mega IgG2000 and see if that helps with the swelling. It should give your immune system an extra boost.

      Lymph nodes in neck? Have you checked under arms, groin? Local infection vs systemic infection would require different approach.
      IgG is great to add t boost the immune response and it will help but you may require an antimicrobial like biocidin to power through the infection.

  3. I suffer from fibromyalgia and severe IBS. I’ve been taking Megasporebiotics for almost a month. I worked my way up to two capsules, but about five days ago I went down to one because of continued constipation and/or excessive gas and abdominal pain. It is still persisting. I plan on going back up to two capsules in two days. I take the probiotics with food and the symptoms start up an hour or so after eating and last several hours. What should I expect as far as improvement and how long will it take for me to feel good again?

    1. Jean Herbert

      It’s different for everyone. You may need to stay on one capsule a day for a while longer. You can stop taking it for a few days to see if symptoms resolve and then start again at a lower dose and work up more slowly.

  4. Every time I try to start mega spore biotics I getso tired I can barely function. I have tried reducing to 1/8 thofacapsule every other day and still have this reaction. Will it eventually get better? Or do I need to address something else first? I’ve been dealing with mold illness.

    1. Jean Herbert

      It’s worth looking into your iron status. Mitochondrial function could be suffering as well. Might help to start taking MegaQuinone to help boost the mitochondria. It should get better as you titrate up to the full dose of MSB, but there could certainly be multiple variables at play.

  5. I’ve been taking 2 capsules for about a year and wanted to stop taking it, but in the morning, after not taking it for only 1 day, I feel dizzy and sick. I’ve tried to stop taking it a couple of times to verify this reaction and it has happened every time. Is there a reason why I would feel so badly after only missing 1 dose?

    1. Jean Herbert
  6. I just found out I have Lyme and I’m on an antibiotic treatment for 28 days. Will taking 2 megasporebiotics help counteract the effects while I’m on my 28 day course. Is that enough?

    1. Jean Herbert
  7. I did not begin taking MSB slowly, as recommended and after consuming 6 pills over 4 days my SIBO symptoms (skin rashes, histamine intolerance and incessant itching) have returned with a vengeance. Recommendations on how to quickly flush these from my system so I can find some relief? This is miserable. Should I stop the probiotic, altogether?

    1. Jean Herbert
  8. When it says take with food does that mean just before? In the middle/ during eating? Or right After eating?
    Or is it all about the same?

    I’m trying to maximize their efficacy.

    Thanks, Josh

    1. Jean Herbert
  9. Can I use this for Zoonics type infections (Borrelia, Bartonella strains (BLO ) and Babesia and the likes? These infections hit the immune system. I have done antibiotics as well but mostly herbal treatments. I am thinking to buy it to see if it aids with immune support.
    Also would it conflict with bee venom therapy?

    1. Jean Herbert

      The spores can help with infections, but they are not intended to replace antibiotics, so we always recommend consulting your healthcare provider about serious infections. There should be no conflict with bee venom therapy.

  10. My 15 years old daughter is suffered in Eczema and I know probiotics can help. I asked her to take 2 capsule of mega spore biotic every day started on July. Just noticed that the titration schedule is take 2 capsules started on week 3,.
    Should I follow your schedule from now on likes week 1 & week 2 ?
    My daughter said her constipation problem has big improved and have bowel movement everyday after taking 2 capsules everyday.

    1. Jean Herbert
  11. Also, I noticed that the protocol supplements have a lot of repeat strains of probiotic, like the Subtilis and clausii. Is there any particular reason for that?

    1. Jean Herbert
  12. If you’re coming out of a crohns flare and the Megaspore protocol is working I noticed you said to follow the protocol with restorflora and hu58 for 21-30 days.

    When you are ready to stop the hu58 and reatorflora does that mean you can continue to stay on the megasporebiotic after for maintenance?

    If so, then for how long can you stay on it?

    1. Jean Herbert

      Yes you can stay on MSB for maintenance indefinitely. You can taper down to a maintenance dose once symptoms have improved and take 2 capsules/day every few days or only on the weekends.

  13. Lydia Barrett
    1. Jean Herbert

      We recommend taking MSB long term, but once you feel like your symptoms have improved, you can work down to a maintenance dose of 2 capsules/day 2-3 times per week.

      The spores only stay in the gut for about 21-28 days before they will pass through so there is a need to keep taking them, as the microbiome is a very dynamic environment.

  14. Jean Lewis
    1. Jean Herbert
  15. Daniel Maust
    1. Jean Herbert

      Our gut infections/antibiotics protocol with all 3 probiotics.
      Take a spore-based probiotic like MegaSporeBiotic to recondition the gut and increase microbial diversity.
      Our protocol is as follows:
      1 RestorFlora in the AM
      2 MegaSporeBiotic with a meal
      1 RestorFlora in the PM
      1 HU58 in the PM
      We recommend staying on this protocol for 21-30 days.

  16. I have a couple of questions:

    1) I have ulcerative colitis for a few years now. Is it alright for me to follow the protocol or is there any other protocol that you’d recommend?

    2) What happens after week 3 on the suggested protocol? I mean do we still take two capsules every day for ever? Or is there a suggested maintenance protocol?

    Thank you!

    1. Jean Herbert

      1-With ulcerative colitis, you can start the protocol, but you may need to start slower and take 2 weeks between increasing dosages. Consult your healthcare practitioner for an individualized protocol.

      2-The amount of time that you should stay at the target dose is different for each person. We do have a maintenance dose of 2 capsules/day that can be taken every other day, every few days, or eventually just on the weekends. You should talk with your healthcare practitioner about the best time to work down to a maintenance dose.

  17. My functional medicine doctor recommends taking probiotics for 3 weeks, then stop for 1 week, before starting again. I will take Megaspore based on your dosing instructions of every 2nd day for 1st Week, and increasing each week as recommended. Then I will take a break for a week. When I start again should I again dose every 2nd day, upping each following week? Or go right back into daily dosing?

    1. Jean Herbert

      We don’t recommend taking a week off of MegaSpore. If you want to stop and restart, the dosing will be up to you. Taking it intermittently will dampen the efficacy of the product. Taking the full dose of 2 capsules a day is the most effective dose.

  18. Anne Maisonneuve
    1. Jean Herbert
  19. Lisa Langstone
    1. Jean Herbert

    My 14 year old son is on a feeding tube and in a wheelchair b/c of what we now believe is Lyme Disease or possibly from being RE-vaccinated at age 11 for Mycoplasma Pneumonia and EBV Mono. (he had both).
    We were on Dr. Mercola’s probiotic for two years after all of this happened and he somehow eneded up with C-Diff in May 2017. We were forced to take 5 different antibiotics by our pediatrician, all of which made him sicker and sicker but we were going to be turned in to DSS if we did not administer. This caused so much chaos with his GI and he lost 20lbs from June to Sept. 2017. He was hospitalized and they then surgically inserted a new feeding tube that goes into small intestines (he also has G tube which goes into stomach). It has been a NIGHT MARE to say the least as his body is rejecting nutrition and his stomach is so messed up. Would you recommend this with the titration instructions for him??

    1. Jean Herbert

      I would give him as much as he can tolerate starting on. He can follow the standard protocol, but it sounds like he needs to get on our C. diff protocol STAT, so the sooner he can get to the full dose, the better. Here is our C. diff protocol:

      C. Diff Protocol

      2 MSB + 2 HU58 + 2 RF for 2-3 months

      Week 1: Take 1 capsule of MegaSporeBiotic every other day

      Week 2: Take 1 capsule of MegaSporeBiotic every day

      Week 3: Take 2 capsules of MegaSporeBiotic every day

      Week 4: Take 1 HU58 with breakfast + 2 MSB with lunch every day

      Week 5: Take 2 HU58 with breakfast + 2 MSB with lunch every day

      Week 6: Take 2 HU58 with breakfast + 2 MSB with lunch + 1 RF with dinner every day

      Week 7: Take 2 HU58 with breakfast + 2 MSB with lunch + 2 RF with dinner every day

  21. Michael Repsher
    1. Jean Herbert
  22. Rosemary Couzens
    1. Rosemary,

      Yes, MegaSpore is safe to use during pregnancy. I would recommend sticking with the suggested dose of 2 capsules per day.

  23. Cheri Stoka
    1. Cheri Stoka,

      What should I do to counteract the negative effects of haven taken antibiotics?
      Take a spore based probiotic like MegaSporeBiotic to recondition the gut and increase
      microbial diversity. Our antibiotic protocol is as follows:
      1 RestorFlora in the AM
      2 MegaSporeBiotic with a meal
      1 RestorFlora in the PM
      1 HU58 in the PM
      We recommend staying on this protocol for 21-30 days after completing the round of antibiotics.

      Thank you


    2. Andrea Vance
  24. David Philipson
    1. David Philipson,

      It’s not as important, but we always recommend it for maximum comfort when patients are starting the products.


  25. Suzanne Way
    1. Suzanne Way,

      In answer to your question. No. People with dairy sensitivities should be just fine as our products are casein and lactose free.


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