Benefits of Direct2Patient™

No Inventory Worries

No need to carry inventory or coordinate shipping

Affiliate Link

Create your own affiliate link to create easy ordering

Set Your Prices

Set your own prices and/or discounts

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Seamless supplementation to a virtual practice
  • No more headaches from ordering, shipping, or collecting payment
  • More time to treat patients
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Passive income with auto-ship functionality
  • Increased flexibility to set pricing and discounts
  • Improved tracking on patient orders
  • FREE marketing support:
    • Easy-to-use email templates to send to your patients
    • Clear user tutorials for you and your patients
    • Instagram-worthy product photos

How To Sign Up

Fill out the short form below, and an account manager from Microbiome Labs will get back to you within 48 hours to set up your Direct2Patient™ Account!


Let's get you registered:

  • Practitioner: Gain exclusive access to products orders, lab management as well as patient direct options.
  • Patient: Order directly from our website. You will need a valid Patient Direct Code to purchase.
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