Introducing a Brilliant Partnership: Microbiome Labs and Novozymes OneHealth!

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We have exciting news for you valued practitioners who have either journeyed with us since the inception of Microbiome Labs in 2013 or have come on board along the way — Microbiome Labs has been acquired by Novozymes OneHealth, the world leader in bioinnovation. Novozymes OneHealth specializes in industrial enzymes and health-supporting microorganisms.


This means greater access to new globally-tested formulas and microbiome-friendly products backed by groundbreaking innovation, gold-standard clinical trials, and an increased budget for evidence-based research.


Our product offerings will expand, but not much else will change.


Our trusted founders, Kiran Krishnan and Tom Bayne, are still running the company, so rest assured that taking care of you, our practitioners, will remain at the forefront of our minds throughout this transition!


Here’s to exciting new opportunities. We can’t wait to see where this takes us together!

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