Microbiome Labs Launches the Most Cutting-Edge Psychobiotic Duo On the Market!  

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Microbiome Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of two comprehensive formulas around stress and sleep. Our new ZenBiome collection, powered by 1714, has been specially developed to target the gut-brain axis and support clients with occasional stress, mild mood changes, low energy, feelings of occasional fatigue, and occasional sleeplessness.

Our solution to supporting the psychobiome uses cutting-edge probiotic technology. 1714™, a unique strain of Bifidobacterium longum, is an up-and-coming psychobiotic that can help support the management of occasional stress and its biochemical expression within the human body.

ZenBiome Cope is designed to help individuals better handle life’s occasional stressors. ZenBiome Cope pairs the well-researched psychobiotic 1714 with other vital nutrients like B vitamins and herbal extracts to provide targeted support for coping with day-to-day, periodic stressors and mood changes.

ZenBiome Cope contains:

BIFIDOBACTERIUM LONGUM (1714), VITAMIN B6 (PYRIDOXINE) which is a quintessential B vitamin for supporting healthy neurotransmitter metabolism. Vitamin B6 acts as a rate-limiting cofactor required to convert glutamate to GABA, which is considered a natural mood support. 

VITAMIN B12 (HYDROXOCOBALAMIN) which can support a calm mood and positive coping mechanisms. 

SAFFRON EXTRACT (AFFRON®) which can help support the central nervous system mood. 

ZenBiome Sleep is formulated to help individuals deal with occasional sleeplessness, but can also help support feelings of relaxation and reduced tension.

ZenBiome Sleep contains:

BIFIDOBACTERIUM LONGUM (1714) which is a high-potency psychobiotic, 1714 helps support the body’s response to occasional stress, and the body’s neurocognitive processes. 

L-THEANINE can help support serotonin, GABA, and dopamine levels. It can also produce a calming effect while simultaneously supporting alpha brain waves.

LEMON BALM EXTRACT which is a perennial herb in the mint family that may increase feelings of drowsiness and has mild sedative properties to help with occasional inability to fall asleep. 

To learn more about Microbiome Labs and our new suite of ZenBiome products, visit the website at www.microbiomelabs.com

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