Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning Lozenges

Support your oral microbiome with Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning Lozenges—minty fresh, sugar-free, microbiome-friendly lozenges powered by One Health Technology "BioFresh Clean".

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At a glance

Keep teeth clean by removing and reducing oral biofilm, naturally and on-the-go. Enzymatic Mouth-Cleaning Lozenges are powered by BioFresh™ Clean, a clinically proven enzyme combination that removes and reduces oral biofilm for a cleaner and fresher oral cavity. This naturally-effective solution is microbiome-friendly, helping to maintain a healthier and more balanced oral microbiome, supporting better oral health. Optimize your daily oral care routine on-the-go, with this naturally effective and convenient oral care solution.

Key benefits

  • Removes and reduces oral biofilm—Clinically proven enzymatic bio-formula degrades the biofilm matrix, hindering harmful bacteria from adhering to the tooth’s surface 
  • Supports a healthy oral microbiome 
  • Naturally effective solution—Based on naturally occurring enzymes, meets consumers’ needs for a cleaner, natural, and more sustainable oral care solution 
  • Convenient dental hygiene—On-the-go format fits easily into existing routines, making it possible to practice good oral hygiene anytime, anywhere 
  • 60% more oral biofilm removal on top of regular toothbrushing after eight days of using BioFresh™ Clean solid (3 lozenges per day)1 
  • 47% less oral biofilm buildup after 24 hours of using BioFresh™ Clean solid (3 lozenges per day)1 
  • Clinically proven to protect and keep teeth clean for 24 hours (1)


(1) Two Novozymes OneHealth proprietary randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials: Trial 1: Prevention on biofilm build-up, 2020. Trial 2: Removal of established biofilm, 2020. 

Ingredients info

Dosing Instructions

Take 1 lozenge as needed up to 5 times daily. Let it fully dissolve without chewing. Potential choking hazard for children. Supervise children when consuming.

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