Mental Health & the Microbiome

Did you know that the bacteria living in your gut produce a range of neurotransmitters that can improve mental health? In fact, the connection between the gut and our emotional state is so profound that the gut is often considered the second brain.

Microbiome & Sporebiotics

In this interview, Coffee with the Docs talk with Dr. Tom Bayne, co-founder of microbiome labs. Dr. Bayne is one of the smartest docs we know, and commonly referred to as the “guy guy.” Dr. Bayne does a deep dive into the research and efficacy of probiotics on the market, and why choosing highly researched products is a must. He also talks about how important it is to address our microbiome and gut health, and how prioritizing your gut health can improve your life.

COVID-19 Common Sense Combined with Science

In this interview Kiran Krishnan sits down with Shivan Sara on SIBO SOS to take a deeper look into how the coronavirus infects the body and how this knowledge can be used for prevention, treatment, and planning for future pandemics. Plus, Kiran will explain how to boost the body’s defense mechanisms naturally and improve our overall resilience as humans.

Coronavirus Update

Join Dr. Tyna on the Pain-Free & Strong Podcast as she sits down with Kiran Krishnan, virology and molecular medicine expert & CSO of Microbiome Labs, to discuss how this virus works, how it binds, the ACE2 receptor, and why those with chronic inflammation may be at higher risk. 

Leaky Gut in Dogs

In this episode, Dhru Purohit sits down with Kiran Krishnan on The Broken Brain Podcast to talk about a fascinating new study on dogs and leaky gut, and how it’s a major driver of chronic illness in dogs. 


Strategies for Successfully Marketing a Medical Practice During Coronavirus with Dr. Tyna Moore

Laying the groundwork for a virtual practice will pay off now and in the future. Using telehealth and digital marketing help you streamline processes to reach more patients without doing more work. With the advancement of different digital marketing tools like website builders and social media, most of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

Environmental Triggers in the Development of Autoimmune Disease

Tune in to learn how the gut microbiome plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Autism Webinar

Kiran Krishnan discusses the connection between mood and the gut microbiome.

Mitochondria Webinar

Kiran Krishnan discusses the importance of mitochondrial health. Find out what you can do to preserve your health at the cellular level.

Product Webinar

Dr. Tom Bayne shares the clinical applications of each available formula from Microbiome Labs. Find out why every American should be taking vitamin K2 and how you can enhance the effects of MegaSporeBiotic in order to recondition the gut.

Gut Brain Webinar

Kiran Krishnan talks about the bi-directional connection between the gut and the brain. Find out how gut microbiota can play a role in maintaining optimal brain health. Learn how to help your patients activate their vagus nerve, control environmental factors, and improve microbial diversity for a happier and healthier brain.

Gut Infections Webinar

Kiran Krishnan shares how spore-based probiotics can play a beneficial role in the reconditioning of the gut microbiome. While many probiotics containing Lactobacillus can often exacerbate an imbalance of gut bacteria, spore-based probiotics are safe and highly recommended for reconditioning the gut.

Vitamin K2

This little known vitamin plays a critical role in heart, brain, bone, and endocrine health, and people simply don’t get sufficient quantities through their diets. Kiran Krishnan discusses vitamin K2 and the role it plays in maintaining overall health.


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