Who We Are

What if there were a way to unlock the full potential of the human microbiome - a way to unite the power of biology with the rigor of science to address our most pressing health conditions?

That’s the journey we’ve been pioneering for the past seven years; educating forward-thinking medical practitioners and connecting the dots of the microbiome to bring vibrant health to more and more people.

A Culture of Pioneers

At Microbiome Labs (part of Novonesis Group), we are building a culture of pioneers.  Those who are on the cutting-edge of products and protocols.

Practitioners who value innovation but want to stand with a backbone of research-based science.  Clinicians who want to stand beside us as we unlock the full potential of the human microbiome. 

We pioneer health by connecting the dots of the human biological system, so we can discover new solutions that revolutionize healthcare.

Your Practice Partner

As your practice partner, we strive to help and support through education, inspiration, and by bridging the therapeutic gaps of what global consumers—who face ever-growing modern life health challenges—need for healing. 

Science You Can Trust

Backed by Novozymes OneHealth, a biotech world leader, we control every step of the innovation and formulation process, from strain discovery to final product.  

We conduct research studies on our product formulations, so practitioners will know their proven efficacy and what action they’ll have when they’re acting within patients’ bodies.

We created the category of spore-based probiotics

We’ve already set the bar high throughout the industry… and our pioneering journey has only just begun. We won’t stop rethinking tomorrow until the microbiome is included in the curriculum of medical schools and microbiome supplements have become healthcare professionals’ first line of attack.

Our History


Company Founded


  • January: Spores Discovered and Brought to Microbiome Labs
  • April: 1,000th Order


  • July: 1,000th Customer
  • August: 1st Published Study | MyoMax™ Study – Oral Consumption of Vitamin K2 for 8 Weeks Associated With Increased Maximal Cardiac Output During Exercise
  • October: Opened Office in Saint Augustine, Florida


  • April: 1st Patent Filed | Spore-Based Probiotic Compositions for Reduction of Dietary Endotoxemia and Related Methods
  • August: 10,000th Customer
  • September: Total Gut Restoration Launched


  • May: 15,000th Customer
  • July: 500th Lecture
  • August: 1st Overseas Order
  • September: 50th Employee Hired
  • October: 5th Published Study | MegaSporeBiotic™ and MegaPre™ Synbiotic Study – Synbiotic Concept containing Spore forming Bacillus Strains and a Pre-Biotic fiber blend
  • November: 5th Patent Filed | Spore-Based Probiotic Supplementation in Dogs and Control of Endotoxemia


Microbiome Labs was acquired by Novozymes OneHealth, the world leader in bioinnovation. Novozymes OneHealth specializes in industrial enzymes and microorganisms. We now have extensive testing, research, and clinical trial capability… and we have an expansive inventory of enzymes and bacterial strains at our fingertips! Our new partnership can help us unlock new opportunities and overcome many challenges that would be significant roadblocks for a small company like Microbiome Labs. Together with Novozymes, we intend to find biological answers for better lives in a growing world!


Microbiome Labs rebranded, changing to a branded house with a realigned, “dream big” mission and vision. You’ll see new labels in color-coded categories, a fresh website, a revised message on email and social, and some new eye-catching assets. We are never content with the status quo… after all, we created the category of spore-based probiotics. We’ve already set the bar high throughout the industry… and our pioneering journey has only just begun. Let’s Pioneer Health together!

Are you a practitioner or a patient?